Small SUV Models

The scope for SUVs has developed over time and now the buyers are given a diversified range of best compact SUVs to choose from. These choices are dependent on what services the buyers particularly ask for. It can be either a larger SUV to haul in it huge cargo or just simply one of the small SUV models to feel the elegance of a smaller car. The wish for smaller vehicles is now being fulfilled by producers like Chevrolet, Ford and GMC. The following list of the best compact SUVs will give you an overview about what these cars can cost you and the benefits they come with.

small suv models of ford
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Small SUV models of Ford

The first of the small SUV models introduced by Ford is The Escape. There is ample of space for loading up cargo besides providing, comfortably, the seats for five passengers. The Escape comes with four different prices for four diverse packages. With a price of $21,000, the XLS can easily get yours to be .The XLT charges about $ 24,000 and its benefits include the driver’s door has a keypad that needs no key and the car’s seat are all of the best quality. Moreover, the Limited package comes with at a fee of about $26,000 and possesses seats made from leather and lighting that is completely enveloping. All these three packages have the potential to travel about 28 miles, on a single gallon of fuel used, on highways. The fourth one that Ford has to proffer is the Escape Hybrid which can go up to 31 miles on highways for per gallon of fuel and it could be yours for $30,000.


Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell Small SUV model
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Chevrolet‘s small SUV model

Another one of the small SUV models, is the find of Chevrolet’s. The Chevrolet Equinox has the capacity to give space to five passengers and is surely one roomy SUV. There are four packages available. The Tohe LS model charges a fee of $23,000 while the LT package comes at a price of $24,000 and the amenities that it offers is it’s seat are of the finest cloth and the windows at the back are tinted.

GMC  Terrain small suv model
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GMC also offers a Small SUV model

The five seater SUV offered by GMC is the Terrain and you can choose any one from its four available packages. With only $24,000, the SLE-1 model can be yours. Th2 SLE-2, which comes at a fee of $26,000, provides amenities like frontal bucket seats, control of the climate mechanism and good quality seats. The SLT-1, a class of small SUV models, has heated driver and passenger seats and it comes for around $ 28,000. The SLT-2 comes by paying $30,000 and it has its exterior given the chrome colour. All the four packages have the rate 32mpg on highways.


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