The Hybrid 8 Passenger SUV

At one point of time, big vehicles were not big only in size but in their capacity to chomp through phenomenal amount of fuel as well. While such big vehicles are still around in the 8 passenger SUV category, they are also undergoing a fair amount of change to make them greener and make them reduce their carbon emission levels. Such a change as far as an SUV for 8 passengers goes, has been propelled by factors like customer demand, government regulations and a greener conscience on the part of the automobile manufacturers too.

The fact remains that people want to buy an 8 passenger SUV for some very practical reasons. Big families, cargo carrying capacity and even running small businesses – all of these are very valid reasons for buying an SUV for 8 passengers. While it may not be as important a reason – family holidays are better in a big vehicle rather than a smaller and uncomfortable one. So car makers are coming out with vehicles packed with top class features and great mileage to offer to their patrons.

It is also true that sales of such 8 seater SUV have decreased in the recent past. Of course, there is a general slowing of auto purchases but one of the reasons that may have contributed to the low sales in the 8 people carrier SUV category could easily be the fuel efficiency rates in this vehicle. Today, there are a wide variety of vehicles coming into the market which are in the hybrid class and offer great value for money and fuel usage rates too.

The eight passenger SUV thus does not make any compromises on the spaciousness it offers to the passengers within it. Nor does an SUV for 8 passengers dilute the style quotient. Instead the hybrid vehicle delivers increased fuel efficiency and great styling. Take for instance, the Tahoe Hybrid. This vehicle from the house of General Motors Corp has already been named the best family vehicle in Kelly’s Blue Book in the year 2009. GMC is also putting in a lot of effort in developing the hybrid version even further. The Tahoe is able to deliver 25% increase in fuel efficiency.

Other models in the eight passenger SUV category come from the house of Chrysler and Dodge. The Dodge Durango hybrid is a great choice for an 8 passenger SUV. Its price tag is around $40,000. The Aspen Hybrid from Chrysler also is a solid choice and comes with a price tag of approximately $35,000. Depending on the driving conditions they can also deliver a fuel efficiency rate of around 22 miles per gallon. Which considering its size and power is not a bad figure at all!